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Officials' Update 12/06/02


Officials' Meeting Update

Susie DeWitt
6 Dec 02


Barb Birger and I attended the Joint Budget Committee Hearing on Tuesday,
December 3, 2002, regarding the Judicial Department.  Jerry Marroney
addressed the committee by responding to 35 questions that were asked during
the November 19, 2002, briefing.  Out of those 35 questions, 2 made
reference to Court Reporters.

Question No. 33:

"Is there a mechanism used in electronic recording technology, either humans
or electronic, that ensures clarity of recording, that mumbled words are not


"The best way to assure a quality court record is to have a court reporter
listening and making a verbatim record or in the alternative to have someone
monitoring each microphone on the recording if it is recorded
electronically.  Someone must monitor to insure that the person speaking
into the microphone is speaking clearly, not mumbling and not speaking too
quietly and is close enough to the microphone.  This person would have to
also monitor the tape or digital recording so that it is not overridden by
"outside" noise such as paper shuffling, passing sirens or other external
noise picked up  by the recorder."

During this response Chief Justice Mullarkey also made the comment that they
would need to reexamine the area of live reporters and possibly use a
combination and that is something they are looking into.

Question No. 34:

"Can transcripts and other documents be sent to attorney offices


"Yes, transcripts once they are completed in a word processor or other text
file can be sent electronically to attorneys' offices.  Other documents can
be sent also if the attorney has the correct computer setup in his/her
office.  The state courts allow the attorneys to file and receive other
documents (pleadings) in civil, domestic and water cases." (sic)

The discussion regarding this question and response was focused on e-filings
and "other documents."  They did not talk about the transcripts other than
in the typed-written response above.

After speaking briefly to Jerry Marroney -- approximately 60 seconds again
-- after the hearing, he did say a committee would be formed consisting of
four judges, four administrators, and four court reporters.  He will be out
of the office until, I believe, December the 8th, but said he would be in

We really do not expect to hear anything before that date, but if we do, we
will certainly post it here on the web site.  Thank you to everyone who
attended the Emergency Meeting on November 30, 2002.  It was short notice
and a holiday weekend and I know not everyone received their fliers until
after the meeting and I apologize for that.  By putting updates here,
hopefully, we will be able to keep everyone well informed in a more timely

If you have questions, please feel free to contact either myself at
susan.dewitt@judicial.state.co.us, richard.matt@judicial.state.co.us, or

Please try to have a happy holiday season and enjoy your families.

Thank you again,

Susie DeWitt