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Officials' Update 12/18/02

Officials' Update

Susie DeWitt

18 Dec 2002


Officials' Report on Current Status

I just spoke briefly with Chief Judge Roxanne Bailin regarding court reporters -- Judge Bailin is chair of the 12-person committee that Jerry Marroney spoke about during our November 30, 2002, meeting and the Chief Judge here in Boulder County.

I felt much better after speaking with Chief Judge Bailin and now will try to relay that comfort to everyone else.

We have distributed all of our information, studies, concerns, and ideas at the moment to the appropriate people. As hard as it is to wait, that is what we should do. We have been assured that we will be involved in the committee that will be looking at and discussing any proposals or ideas that have to do with the future of court reporters.

This is an extremely difficult time for not only court reporters, but also all state employees. We should be concerned, but not overreact and make decisions before decisions are made.

As of today, December 18, 2002, there have been no decisions made regarding court reporters and the way we do our jobs. Everything is status quo, including remaining confidential employees for the time being.

The committee should meet mid-January and at that time we should know more about the direction we will be traveling. It was relayed to me, through Chief Judge Bailin, that this is a very important issue for everyone involved and will be handled appropriately through the committee.

If any additional information comes to light before, it will be posted here on the website.

Our backlog at the Court of Appeals continues to be a topic for discussion. I know that some districts are short several reporters and it is all they can do to cover their division or other judges and so I apologize for even saying anything, but I have to.

We really need to do what we can so that this is not another issue we have to deal with. Please, if you have a past due transcript, do whatever you can to get it turned in. I have a great scopist who can also noteread, if needed. When the committee meets in January, if the backlog is cleaned up, that will go a long way to help our position.

I wish you all a happy holiday season.

Susie DeWitt

Please always feel free to contact either myself, susandewitt@judicial.state.co.us; Richard Matt, richard.matt@judicial.state.co.us; or Barb Birger bbirger@aol.com at any time.