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Officials' Update 1/02/03


Richard Matt
02 Jan 2003

On January 2, 2003, Susie DeWitt, Chairman of the Legislative Committee, and Richard Matt, Chairman of the Court Officials Committee met with Chairman of the Colorado Joint Budget Committee, Dave Owen.  Also in attendance were Roger Klein, Chief Judge of the 19th Judicial District, and Mary Bolender, Court Administrator, also of the 19th. Senator Owen was gracious enough to spend and hour and a half in Greeley talking about budget issues facing the legislature, and also to observe the CIC in Greeley, with special emphasis being the hook-up of the clerk in the courtroom.
The advantages of a real-time reporter in the courtroom were discussed at length with Senator Owen, and at least by all indications seemed well received.
The committee chairs will continue to keep posting news regarding reporters as it's received.