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Officials' Update 3/11/03


Officials' Report on Current Status

Susie DeWitt
11 Mar 2003

After meeting Monday afternoon with Jerry Marroney, Judge Gilbert Martinez (El Paso County), Judge John Leopold (Arapahoe County), Barbara Birger, Katherine Rodriquez, Joyce Martin, Vicki Villalobos (administrator El Paso County), Betsy Clark (lobbyist), Greg Langham (administrator Arapahoe County), Bob Evans (administrator Jefferson County), Judge Thomas Ossola (Garfield County)  Judge Roxanne Bailin (Boulder County), Richard Matt, and myself.

It is clear that we will lose our state paid transcripts and be required to produce those transcripts during a 40-hour work week.  There will be a pooling type of attitude that will be overseen by each individual chief judge with the help of a managing reporter to delegate the workload.  The idea here is that one person will not be in a criminal division at all times and one person will not be in a civil division at all times.

Now, knowing this, what do we do?  We know:

 ·        We will need to be real-time certified in three years with the possibility that there will be a state certification,

 ·        We will no longer receive state-paid transcripts,

 ·        We will only be allowed to work on state transcripts during the 40-hour work week

 ·        We will be allowed to keep private transcript income at present,

 ·        We will not receive a salary increase for the loss of our state transcript money,

 ·        We will not receive a salary increase for becoming real-time certified,

 ·        We will be required to maintain our own equipment and updates.

Now, what do we do?

At the conclusion of our meeting Jerry Marroney asked us to -- within five days -- let him know what would be needed to make this work.

Knowing that we are not lawyers, arbitrators, negotiators, employment analyst, what do we do?

We can either help the State Court Administrators Office fine tune these changes with our input of what we believe would be necessary for changes of this magnitude to happen or we can supply the State Court Administrators Office all of our questions and state our concerns and leave it there.

Responses are encouraged and if you know someone who is not on the State email system, get this to them.  If you prefer to compile a list of questions, please do so immediately and get them to me.

It is not within the power of the five of us to speak on behalf of the State employees or the members of our association, this is an opportunity for each of us to have a voice in our future.

Be assured changes are going to happen.  Once changes are implemented, it will be each and every one of our own personal and professional decisions of our future as state employees.

We all know that we, the State, and the Country, face great adversity.  To the extent we can, we should try to see the challenges we are faced with as an opportunity and not simply complain.

We will do our best to keep you immediately informed of any information we learn next week. 

Thank you.

    Please feel free to call (303-441-3749) or email me if you have additional questions or concerns.

Susie DeWitt