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Officials' Update 7/02/03


July 2, 2003

By:  Susie DeWitt and Richard Matt

Although we know the State Court Administrator's Office has been extremely busy working on judicial budget issues, we haven't received any information regarding the officials in the State of Colorado recently.

 The very unofficial word is that the State will be going back to the drawing board regarding officials and any proposal.

 All officials throughout the state should be applauded for the hard work and dedication shown during this trying time. 

Some counties were very unfortunate to lose reporters along with other staff during the layoffs and for that our deepest apologies.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

 The remaining reporters have worked very hard and are dedicated to making the system work with the amount of reporters they have left.  Some days are more stressful and challenging than others, but in the end, the job gets done and mostly done with a live court reporter instead of a digital device.

As always, we will continue to update when information is received, but sometimes it is better to hear there is nothing being said than to hear nothing at all.

Susie DeWitt and Richard Matt